Week 2: Organizing the Pantry

Whether you have a large walk-in pantry, a small pantry, or you have just cabinets, I feel like getting your pantry under control is a must.  In all honestesty, this is the room that I struggle with the most.  I feel like it is my catch-all, my crazy mess, and honesty, I just don’t want to spend too much time in there.  But this week in A Bowl Full of Lemons 14 week challenge was the Pantry, so I went head on!


It was nice to go through all the food, toss the expired food, wipe everything down, and just get a fresh start.

I love my spice rack.  I actually saw a picture of one similar to the one I have on Pinterest and begged my husband to make me one.  Thank goodness I married such a crafty man.  I bought the spice jars from Anchor Hocking (find them here) and he made  me this spice rack just by looking at the picture and the jars.  I actually went through many spice jars until I settled on these.  They are a larger spice jar, but what I love about them is that they have a large opening for you to get a Tablespoon in.


I love baskets, and these baskets are perfect for my bottom shelf (the floor).  They are tall enough that things can’t get pulled out and they hide the items I don’t really want to be seen.  I found these baskets at Target.


Turn tables are a great way to have a select group of bottles (or jars) on one shelf and not get lost.  They are also great for the corners so nothing gets lost in the very back.  I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond.


Large jars are a great way to house your packages that come in boxes such as popcorn, oatmeal, seasoning packets, etc.  These glass jars are from Anchor Hocking.


Don’t forget your bread box!  Mine is vintage that came from D’s grandma.


I like to have a space for Little Fella’s snacks (mostly so D or anybody else watching him knows where his snacks are) but eventually he will be old enough to know exactly what are approved snacks for him.

IMG_7469 IMG_7471

I am obsessed with all of my labels on my cans and jars to face outward.  But it does make it look a lot nicer (kinda like a little store!)


I hope this has inspired you to get organized.  One thing that I have seen with people seeing my pantry is that they say, “well if i had a pantry that size, mine would be organized.”  The truth is, you can be organized no matter what size of pantry you have.  Yes, mine is large, but for the longest time, I had a small pantry that was in a corner and it was very deep you would lose everything!  Keeping items in baskets and in categories really helps to keep you on the right track!



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