Week Six: Master Bedroom

It’s another week on A Bowl Full of Lemons Weekly Organization Challenge.  This week was the Master Bedroom.  For some reason, my bedroom seems to be the catch all during the week.  But I always try and get it clean before I go to bed.  Here’s what I do!


I always make my bed every morning.  In fact, I can’t go to sleep unless I crawl into a made bed.  There is something about getting into a bed that is wrinkle free.  It helps me sleep better and faster. 


I also try to wash my sheets every other week and my duvet once a month.  Once again, there is nothing like crawling into a bed with fresh crisp sheets (yes, sometimes I do iron my sheets to get out all the wrinkles.)

While we are on the subject about washing, this was a great time to wash and iron your drapes. 


I love the trunk at the end of my bed, it is where we house all of our extra blankets and sheets. 


The one thing I try to do, (it’s really bad since I have black furniture) is to dust at least once a week as well as vacuum the bedroom. 

Also, don’t forget to clean the ceiling fan or light.  You will be surprised how dirty this gets!

This was an easy week for me due to I try to clean my room every day.  I don’t keep any laundry in my bedroom and I try to keep the clutter to a minium.  Good luck and see you next week!


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