Hello, I am Rhenda.  I am a wife/mother/cook/maid.  I have a new baby (okay he is a toddler now) and am married to my best friend.

I love to cook and share my passion for cooking.  I love to learn new recipes and ways to make old foods new and amazing.  I believe in healthy cooking and not from a box (even though sometimes I am known to use a box to make my meal.)  A few years ago I started having severe stomach problems and figured out it was what I was eating that was the root of the problem.  Changing the way I eat has helped my life in many ways.  Although I do love a big greasy hamburger from time to time, I try to eat healthy.  

My husband, D is my best friend and soul mate.  We go together like a PB&J.  He is one of the smartest but yet funniest person’s I have ever met.  Our marriage in my eyes is like a fairy tale, but it is a lot of work (but well worth it).  We do have our struggles, but we work through them and learn from them.  He has taught me so much on life and love and I look forward starting everyday waking up next to him.

A few years ago D and I were ready to start our little family.  But we had such a bumpy ride along the way.  We suffered miscarriage and infertility.  Finally after three years of trying, God blessed us with our little miracle, Little Fella.  He is such an easy-going laid back baby that has brought so much joy to D and I.  Everyday is a wonderful gift from God thanks to Little Fella.  I am blessed to be able to stay at home with him and watch him grow.

Since I am a stay at home mom now, we only live on one income.  I have had to learn how to become a budgeter, saver,  and a go with outer, and I love it.  I love to coupon, look for the best deals, and come up with a monthly budget.  Although I do miss having two incomes and being able to just buy what I wanted when I wanted, I feel like we have a great understand of what we really want.

I am obsessed with my home and cleaning is my relaxing time.  I am a list maker and every morning I start my day with my list and go from there.  I love to be organized (even though this is an area I want to work on).

In the spring/summer you will find me most of the time outside playing with Little Fella and working on my yard and garden.  I love my herb garden and my flowers.

I hope you will enjoy this journey with me and welcome to my crazy but yet amazing world. 


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