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I’m Back!!


So I have taken a long vacation (not really I have just been crazy busy with a toddler, a lifestyle change, and running a household).  But my New Years Resolution was to start back on blogging and sharing my passion for food, family, and fun!!!  I have really thought long and hard about what I want my site to be about and what I have to offer

A few months ago, my husband and I made a huge lifestyle change.  We knew we needed to make a change in our life so we decided to do it with our health.  We started a low carb – high protein diet taken with supplements.  It was the best decision we have ever made.  Not only have we lost weight (I have lost almost 40 pounds) we are getting healthy, and we are teaching Little Fella how to be healthy.

I have been really working on some delicious low carb recipes and can’t wait to share them this next year with you.   For you carb lovers out there, don’t panic, I will still have other recipes that aren’t so carb friendly (yes you need a cheat day once in awhile). 

I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings to my family and this site.  See you soon!!

How to get the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg everytime

I know there are a million ways to hard boil and egg, and I have tried them all.  But I have found the perfect way for me to hard boil eggs and get them perfect every time.  Here is how.


Place eggs into a pot, make sure you don’t crowd the pot, I like to boil about five or six at a time for a three quart pot.  Fill the pot with cold water about an inch over the eggs.  Bring the water to a rolling boil and boil for about ten to fifteen minutes. (My husband likes more of a softer yolk, so I only boil for about ten minutes.  I like my yolks more firm so I do fifteen minutes.)


Once done, drain the boiling water, careful not to burn yourself.  Then add cold water to the pot and cover with ice.  Let cool for less than five minutes.  If you wait any longer than this, the eggs are hard to peel.  


To peel, just wipe dry then smack the egg around the counter a few times to get some cracks in it.  Take your thumb and gently remove the shell.  If there are small particle of shell left on the egg, just run the egg under some water and dry off with a paper towel.


Slice and enjoy your perfect Hard Boiled Egg!!