Week 3: Organizing the Dining Room

Week 3: Organizing the Dining Room

Well we are offically in week three of A Bowl Full of Lemons 14 week challenge.  This week is the Dining Room.  My dining room is in my kitchen, so sometimes I feel it gets to be the dumping ground for all my kitchen clutter.  But once a day, I try to clean off the table (preferably before supper) and pick up the kitchen.  Here is what I did:

I cleared off the table and buffet.  I put items back where they belong (mostly stuff that needed to go into the pantry).  I dusted the table and buffet. 


 I love my buffet, it houses all of my nice dishes and my large platters, baking dishes, and pretty dishes.


IMG_7566.JPGOn top of the buffet, I like to display my family heirlooms and flowers from my wedding.  I feel like in the dining room, just keep it really simple.